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I hope everyone is staying well! Covid-19 outbreak has made our lives to deal with something we never dealt before. Never before in history entire world come to stand still. We all hope that this outbreak would be over soon and let us get back to normal life. However, it’s almost impossible to predict how long this will last. Meanwhile, …

Can we can immunity from Covid-19?

It appears that first controlled test was done on monkeys in the lab. What they have found is that once they were recovered after being sick for about 3 days, they have shown lab evidence of building the Antibody against the Covid-19. Subsequently they could not be reinfected. This is great news! Probably more human data will come. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.13.990226v1

Let’s be more pragmatic

Many of my friends and family are alarmed by “growing” numbers of diagnosed cases of Covid-19 in their town. I feel like they are assuming as number of cases “grow”, the Covid-19 is actively “spreading”. I told them not to see it like that and this is why: 1. number of cases are going up because we are doing more …

Prevention & Treatment of Covid-19 at Hospital & Clinic

This has become recently available for download. Written by Chinese doctors who had work with Covid-19 extensively sharing his experience. This may not apply to every hospital or out patient clinic but it gives some idea of how Chinese has been dealing with patients. It’s free download. https://video-intl.alicdn.com/Handbook%20of%20COVID-19%20Prevention%20and%20Treatment.pdf?spm=a3c0i.14138300.8102420620.download.6df3647f1qmbl2&file=Handbook%20of%20COVID-19%20Prevention%20and%20Treatment.pdf

How Covid-19 affect different age group

This graph shows why we need to be diligent on protecting our elderly populations. Minimizing all non essential contact with them is advisable for a while.

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What is Coronavirus?

I’m sure by now most of us have heard of spread of Coronavirus infection (Covid-19). SARS-Cov2 is a virus that causes lung problems. It causes inflammation in the lungs. The disease could progress to ARDS and it could be life threatening. Inflamed lungs cannot do its job which is to make oxygen available for the body to use therefore consequences …