Questions About Dental Implants

Implant Answers from Dr. Won

Below find questions from people about dental implants and the answers that Dr. Won provides. For assistance or to schedule an appointment, please call our Raleigh Oral Surgery office: POMS Facial Surgery Brier Creek Medical Building Phone Number 919-293-0299.

Does the body reject dental implants like it does other foreign matters?

Very rare. If it does, it’s due to bacterial contamination. Titanium material used to make implants are very well tolerated by body.

Does stopping taking antibiotics early (dental implant in my case) really make it dangerous for health?

Not necessarily dangerous to health. Antibiotics are given after surgery to lower the chance for an infection. However not taking antibiotic doesn’t mean you will get an infection. The chance of it increases. As long as you can tolerate the medicine it’s highly recommended that you continue taking it for the prescribed duration.

You are over 60 and got a dental implant. Was it worth it?

It’s very subjective question. It’s about value of quality of life at this very given moment. I have had patient (just last week) who was 90 got his second implant. Meanwhile (just yesterday) I had patient had bunch of teeth extracted so she can get her denture at 40. It is worth it for YOU, if it serves purpose that YOU want it to serve. There is no wrong answer.

Is it normal for bone graft to be added 1 month after dental implants have already been placed?

It’s not usual. Typically bone grafting is done at the time of the implant placement. Severe cases bone grafting is done prior to placement implant as well. The goal of bone grafting is maximizing bone contact to implant that is being placed to achieve best stability. Having said that rare occasions clinician feels that more bone is needed after some time has passed.