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Elizabeth City NC patient getting a dental implantAt POMS Oral Surgery, we offer high-quality dental implants at our Elizabeth City dental office as the perfect alternative to partials and dentures. Dental implants are an improvement to the teeth replacement methods used in the past. You not only end up with a natural feeling and look implants, but you also benefit from a more percent dental implants. If you need a better solution to bridges, crowns, and other temporary dental restoration solutions, dental implants are the perfect solution for you.

At POMS Oral Surgery, we have one of the best implant experts in the world – Dr. John Won. A leader, an innovator, and a highly-trained and experienced figure in the dental implant niche and oral surgery field. Dr. Won has performed thousands of successful dental implants for thousands of satisfied patients.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality services, he spends ample time taking notes, preparing for the implant procedure, and discussing the procedures with the patients. While the process can be quite time consuming, we are dedicated to helping individual patients get the smile they deserve.

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What Are Dental Implants?

dental implants from our Elizabeth City locationA dental implant is an artificial substitute for natural teeth. Unlike other traditional dental implants such as dentures and bridges that are installed on top of the gum, implants are installed in the root structure teeth.

As such, the dentist will permanently install the implant directly into the jawbone. During the healing process, the implant fuses with the bones in the jaw, forming a strong bond. When done right, the strong should give you a permanent implant that does not necessitate numerous and frequent visits to the dentist.

A dental implant consists of three main parts, including:

#1. The Actual Implant – This is the “fixture” that is installed to function as the tooth root. The metal is made of zirconia or titanium. The metal fixture is made of a cynical design with a screw-like construction.

#2. The Abutment – After installing the implant into the jaw, the dentist will place the abutment on top of the exposed implant. The function of the abutment is to separate the soft tissue from the implant during the healing process. Importantly, it also provides the surface needed to install the dental prosthesis.

#3. The Dental Prosthesis – This is a crown that is installed in place of the visible tooth.

How Long Does It Take To Get Dental Implants in Elizabeth City?

patient getting a dental implants in Elizabeth City NCThe length of time required for a dental implant in Elizabeth City is different for every patient. The entire process can take a couple of days only for some patients. However, for other patients, the procedure will take several months.

That said, we have invested in the latest and greatest in dental implant technology. The advanced technology allows Dr. Won to complete the implant procedure in as little time possible – typically within two visits. For instance, unlike other dental offices, we use CT imaging to develop surgical guides, which allows us to perform the procedure accurately. There is no guesswork with our procedures.

During the surgery, the bespoke CT scan guides help Dr. Won place every implant as precisely as possible, thereby ensuring patients get the best results possible. Additionally, the guides help Dr. Won complete the surgery faster without compromising the quality of the dental implant. For instance, Dr. John Won typically completes full-arch, implant-supported procedures (performing 4 implants) in less than 1 hour.

No Hidden Fees - Unlike Other Elizabeth City Dental Implant Surgeons

costs of getting a dental implant in Elizabeth CityAt POMS Oral Surgery, we do not have any hidden fees. We price our services based on the number of dental implants our patients receive. If you get six dental implants, we have a set price for it. This pricing model is unlike what other dental offices offer, which uses more of “à la carte” systems where the patients and doctors pick and choose the products and services to use and the ones to avoid.

While their pricing model might sound as if it is designed to offer patients a good deal in theory, in reality, it increases the chances of implant failure, which inadvertently increases the cost of the implants and introduces a lot of hidden fees. For instance, when patients neglect parts like the abutment, there is a high likelihood that the implant will fail.

There are other cases of dentists carrying out bone grafting during the procedure (obviously, because it is necessary for the success of the implant) and overprice the service by several thousands of dollars to your final bill. The additional cost might wreak havoc on your finances. After all, you have already saved and budgeted for the implants.

At POMS Oral Surgery, you do not have to worry about hidden fees. Our pricing is a package pricing where everything is included, no matter what we do or find during surgery. We do not balloon your bill for services such as bone grafting.

Our goal is to move all stops for the implants to be successful for the benefit of the patient. We are not after extorting as many fees from patients as possible. We appreciate that implants are a long-term investment. As such, we do not want to make them any more complicated or expensive than they should be.

Planning For Your Dental Implants

how to plan for your dental implant in Elizabeth City NCTo increase the chances of success and to make the process smooth, Dr. Won places a high priority on planning. He understands that extensive and proper planning will make the process easier and quicker for his patients.

As the first step, he will take a full 3D scan of the patient’s jaw and mouth. The intricate scan allows him to develop precise surgical guides for the perfect placement of the implants. Surgical guides are small plastic pieces that dentists place in your mouth while he performs the surgery. The guides have holes that tell the oral surgeon where every implant should be placed.

While the guides are crucial, not many offices use surgical guides during dental implant procedures. A lack of guides increases the risks involved in the operations. Conversely, the proper use of accurate guides increases the odds of success by getting rid of any guesswork in the surgery. On the planning front, the guides allow doctors to decide where and the angles to place your implants beforehand rather than waiting to carry out these steps in the operating room.


dental implant sedationGenerally, patients want to forget everything about their surgeries, even painless ones. At POMS Oral Surgery, for full-mouth dental procedures, we use IV sedation. This form of sedation ensures you do not feel any pain or remember the surgery.

While many offices use local anesthetic while performing full-mouth implants procedures, we do not like this approach. Not only do we find that the entire process can be scaring as the patient is awake throughout the procedure, but it also makes the surgery a lot longer and stressful.

There is also the risk of the local anesthetic wearing off quickly, causing the patient to feel pain. This means the doctor will have to keep administering local anesthetic frequently throughout the procedure. When using full IV sedation, patients do not worry about discomfort or pain.

We can also use IV sedation for single implant surgeries if the patient requests it. However, other sedation methods are just as useful for single implants.

Superior Materials

dental implant teethFor an implant to last a lifetime, the material input and the implant workmanship should be of high-quality. Poor placement and improper maintenance cause implants to fail in the short term. In the long run, however, inferior quality materials increase the risk of failure.

At POMS Oral Surgery, we use zirconia implants as they are currently the highest quality materials. Nonetheless, research in material science is ongoing, and there is a possibility to create even better quality materials. There is a possibility that we will be using different materials in the future. One thing will always remain constant; we will always use the best quality materials available on the market for enduring and quality implants.

Always With A Perfect Smile

Elizabeth City Dental ImplantsThe practice among many oral surgeons is to leave out the restorations when they perform dental implants. They simply install the actual implants and neglect to place the actual restoration/crown. Technically, the implant is the part that goes into the jaw. Without the crown, patients wake up with unsightly spikes instead of pearl white teeth that they were expecting.

We take a different approach that stems from our belief that after investing a lot of money in your dental health, you should wake up post-surgery with a beautiful smile. Dr. Won does offer temporary restorations after the implant surgery. As such, patients have stunning and functional teeth for the first six months after undergoing dental surgery. When the six months period elapses, patients get their permanent implants.

While the temporary implants are durable and can last longer than six months, they are not designed to the patients’ specifications. The permanent implants, however, are bespoke, and they designed and made to meet the patients’ needs and specifications.


The last thing you want to do is to spend an entire morning or afternoon at the dentist’s office. As such, Dr. Won endeavors to complete the implant process with speed and accuracy, taking as little of your time as possible even when getting multiple implants. By using highly accurate and precise guides, Dr. Won can perform the implant surgery fast and swift. Given that we use IV sedation to negate pain and discomfort, the guides help to reduce the time you remain sedated.

Elizabeth City Dental Implants Advances

To schedule a dental implant consult at our Elizabeth City office, please book your appointment or call us at (252) 562-6151

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