POMS is starting free Telehealth Consultation

I hope everyone is staying well! Covid-19 outbreak has made our lives to deal with something we never dealt before. Never before in history entire world come to stand still. We all hope that this outbreak would be over soon and let us get back to normal life.

However, it’s almost impossible to predict how long this will last. Meanwhile, there will be other health issues that not related to Covid-19. We believe that “telehealth” would be something of essential tool we can use to help the patient who are in need quickly while keeping social distance.

Once it was determined that patient needs surgery we can take appropriate precaution to respect the social distancing guidelines.

If you have any oral surgery issues and you’d like free consultation via phone please send us message test at 919-999-6959. We could give further instruction for video conferencing if needed.

Stay well!

John S. Won, M.D.