Questions About ORAL SURGERY

Answers from Oral Surgeon Dr. Won

Below find questions from people about dental implants and the answers that Dr. Won provides. For assistance or to schedule an appointment, please call our Raleigh Oral Surgery office: POMS Facial Surgery Brier Creek Medical Building Phone Number 919-293-0299.

My son has misaligned teeth(getting braces) but has a receded jawline. They want to break his jaw to correct his profile – I worry about destroying the integrity of his jawbone. How important do you think it is to have a “perfect profile”?

They are referring to orthognathic jaw surgery. Chances are he has skeletal misalignment of jaw and teeth. Moving teeth alone won’t correct the overall issues. Long term he will have better result by addressing both skeletal and dental issues. So yes. I do recommend jaw surgery.

It is not completely benign surgery. However consolidation rates are low. Compromising integrity of jaw could be an complication but highly unlikely.

Could a cheek bone fracture at 11 years old cause a person to develop an underbite at 16?

Yes. It’s very difficult to break facial skeleton of 11 year old since kids bone is softer. Mechanism of injury likely due to high energy impact. If injury include parts of maxilla then forward and downward growth of upper jaw gets hindered and may develop malocclusion.

How long is a temporary tooth crown supposed to last?

Hard to define exact time. However it’s more often than not most people end up at oral surgeon because they left the temp crown too long. My advice to patients always is as soon as you are able to get it replaced with permanent crown. Good rule is sooner the better. (I know you didn’t want to hear this)

How long does a dental infection take to resolve?

Most common cause of dental infection is decay of tooth or abscess of tooth and surrounding bone. Usually it starts with dental decay which leads to devitalization of tooth, then finally abscess that spreads to bone and beyond.

Each stage has different prognosis. Dental infection can be reversed with prompt visit to a dentist. Small decay (cavity) can be treated with simple filling. However, if the decay is large and approaches the nerve canal, you would have choice to make. Root canal (devitalization) vs extraction to resolve the infection.

Once tooth is no longer vital, and infection spread to bone, then the best course is extraction. Dead tooth will always get infected. It’s just matter of time. Longer you wait, larger the infection will take up space and less likely to recover quickly.

To answer your question, how long it will take to resolve infection is all depend on what stage you are in this timeline.

I would recommend to visit dentist and have a radiograph taken for proper diagnosis.

I hope this was helpful!

Can tramadol help with tooth pain?

There are three level of pain relief. Mild Moderate and severe. For relief of mild pain Advil and Tylenol is recommended.

Moderate pain relief tramadol is essentially only choice.

For severe pain narcotics are indicated. Such as Vicodin, Percocet, morphine etc.

Pain perception is subjective. If you feel your pain is moderate level Tramadol will work for you.

Hope this information was helpful.

If you are a surgeon and you realize you can’t handle the hours anymore, can you become a physician later on in your career?

as a surgeon, this is something i feel passionate about answering. surgical residency training is rigorous and unfriendly. for the most part, you get the feeling that they want you to quit. some do. but ones that didn’t quit, we stayed because we really enjoy what we do. its rewarding. one of my mentor is almost 90 years old and he’s still around the hospital working what he can. he just loves it. and yes being a surgeon comes with crappy hours. you just accept it as for what it is. it comes in a package deal.

so to answer your question, i have been practicing for a while and i have yet to meet anyone quit. maybe if i practice longer i’ll run into someone.

my point is, by the time you become a surgeon, it’s unlikely that long hours will make you quit.