Questions About Tooth Extractions

Answers from Oral Surgeon Dr. Won

Below find questions from people about tooth extractions and the answers that Dr. Won provides. For assistance or to schedule an appointment, please call our Raleigh Oral Surgery office: POMS Facial Surgery Brier Creek Medical Building Phone Number 919-293-0299.

Got a tooth pulled 6 days ago. Is it ok for me to smoke now?

You will never hear your doctor to be okay with you smoking. Having said that 6 days out usually you would have as little chance of having adverse reaction from smoking as average patients. I still don’t recommend you smoking and hope you can quit for good.

What can I take before getting teeth extracted to reduce the pain and the panic?

There is no simple answer for preoperative pain management. People have tried to take some over the counter pain medication such as Advil and Tylenol for that purpose with inconsistent results. But you could try. Some patients if they had stronger pain meds like hydrocodone they took them prior to procedure with little better result. However if you are going to go under sedation for surgery, typically preoperative prophylactic pain management isn’t as essential since you won’t feel any pain during sedation.

Meanwhile pain and anxiety prior to surgery can be effectively managed. Most common and safe type of prescription is benzodiazepines class such as Valium. I would recommend telling your surgeon your anxiety at the time of consultation so you could be prescribed of anxiolytic medicine.

What is causing my tooth pain 10 months after extraction?

For the best answer I would need to clarify your question. Clearly tooth is gone so I am assuming your tooth site is hurting? If so possibilities are either accidentally left root tip getting infected, or bone fragment making it way out.

However if you are having pain with a tooth near extraction site then most likely you have dental issues.

What could happen if tooth fragments were left after an extraction?

it’s depend on size of fragments and circumstances:

on rare occasions surgeons intentionally leave the root fragments in to avoid damaging nearby nerve.

if the fragments are small, it is likely to get resorbed by body and you’d never have issue.

if the fragments are large, it is likely to get an infection at some point. it recommended to remove them.

hope this helps!