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Elizabeth City NC patient getting a dental implantAt POMS Oral Surgery, we offer high-quality dental implants at our Raleigh dental office as the perfect alternative to partials and dentures. Getting a dental implant is a huge improvement in comparison to the other methods of teeth replacement. By getting a dental implant, you will get what is essentially an artificial tooth that looks extremely natural. Dental implants are certainly a much better option in comparison to temporary restoration, crowns, bridges, etc.
Our Raleigh dental office is headed by world renowned dental implant specialist Dr. John Won. He is not only highly experienced and well trained, but is also a leader in the implant field and an innovator. He has already done thousands of dental implants over the years and as you can see from the hundreds of online reviews, his patients are happy and satisfied with the results.

Dr. John Won is completely professional and ready to provide excellent service. He spends a great deal of time preparing for the procedure, taking necessary notes and talking with his patients. Even though this process takes a lot of time and energy, we are completely dedicated to every single patient and will ensure they are completely satisfied with their new implant and new smile.

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What Are Dental Implants?

dental implants from our Raleigh locationDental implants are artificial teeth. They are different from other types of implants such as bridges and dentures which are placed at the top of the gum. Dental implants are actually placed inside of the root structure of the teeth.

When the dentist is installing a dental implant, it is placed onto the jawbone. Then, as healing occurs, the implant will actually fuse onto the bones of the patient's jaw so that it is well bonded. Once the dental implant is properly installed and fused, then multiple visits back to the dentist won't be needed.

Here are the three main parts of a dental implant:

#1. The Implant Itself – The implant is a “fixture” that is installed to function as the tooth root. It is made of titanium or zirconia and it looks like a screw and serves the purpose of acting as the tooth's root.

#2. The Abutment – Once the implant has been placed into the jaw, then the exposed implant will need to be covered with the abutment. This is necessary so that the soft tissues of the patient are separated from the implant while healing takes place. It is also needed in order to provides the surface needed to install the dental prosthesis.

#3. The Prosthesis – This is the artificial tooth that is installed on the abutment and acts as a replacement for the lost tooth.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Dental Implant in Raleigh?

patient getting a dental implants in Raleigh NCThe time needed to compete a dental implant varies from one patient to the next. It can potentially take only a few days for some people, whereas others may take a couple of months.

We at POMS Oral Surgery have the latest and most up to date dental implant technology which allows us to get this procedure done as quickly as possible. In most cases, Dr. Won can complete the dental implant procedure on most patients in only two visits. We actually use CT imaging to create surgical guides which sets us apart from other dental offices. These guides help us to complete the procedure as quickly and accurately as possible.

The surgical guides assist Dr. Won to very precisely install dental implants and create the best end result. These guides also ensure that the surgery can be done a lot faster without reducing quality of the work done. To put this into perspective, thanks to the bespoke CT scans, Dr. Won can finish a full arch dental implant in under an hour.

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No Hidden Fees - Unlike Other Raleigh Dental Implant Surgeons

costs of getting a dental implant in RaleighAt POMS Oral Surgery, we pride ourselves in being as transparent as possible and don't charge any hidden fees. Our prices are according to the number of dental implants required by the patient. So, for example, if you need to get 4 dental implants done, we will provide a set price for those 4 implants. This is quite different from the majority of other dental offices where both patients and doctors can select or avoid various services or products.

This might appear to provide patients with a better deal, however, it actually increases the probability that the implant may fail. If the implant fails, then the necessary procedures will increase the overall cost and there will likely be many additional fees. One example of this is if the patient opts out of the abutment, then the chances of failure would be extremely high.

Another case is where bone grafting is done and this particular service is attached a price of many thousands of dollars. Bone grafting is essential to install an implant, however, by packaging it as its own procedure, many dentists use this opportunity to overprice. This will likely run your implant bill up quite high and severely damage or distress your finances.

We at POMS Oral Surgery don't employ any of those tactics and we don't have any hidden fees. Our prices are based on a package where everything that is needed is included. Also, this price doesn't change based on anything we may find while operating or what additional things may need to be done. We certainly don't ever attempt to inflate your bill by charging separately for essential parts of the dental implant procedure.

We strive to make sure that every dental implant that we do is successful. We don't try to extort money through additional fees from our patients. Implants are meant for the long term and we strive to not make the process more costly or stressful than it needs to be.

Planning For Your Dental Implants

how to plan for your dental implant in Raleigh NCProperly planning the procedure is important to increase the probability of success as well as ensure the entire process goes well. Dr. Won places a huge emphasis on good planning since he knows this will make things easier both for himself and his patients.

The very first thing that needs to be done is a 3D scan of the mouth and jaw of the patient. This will help Dr. Won to create accurate surgical guides that will help him to perfectly install the implants. Essentially, surgical guides are very small plastic parts that are placed in the patient's mouth to act as guidelines while Dr. Won works on installing the implant. These plastic guides have holes in them which let Dr. Won know the precise spot where each implant will need to be positioned.

These guides are extremely helpful, however, the vast majority of dental offices don't use them in this procedure. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of something going wrong during the implant. However, by using the guides, this increases the probability of success since all guesswork is taken out of the procedure. The guides are extremely helpful since they allow for accurate planning. The doctor will be able to determine the placement and angles of each implant before they even step foot in the operating room.


dental implant sedationMost patients don't want to be aware while getting any type of surgery done. Our dental practice uses IV sedation for any type of full mouth procedure. This will ensure that you don't remember the surgery or feel pain.

There are many other dental offices that only utilize local anesthetic during dental implants. However, we don't approve of this since the procedure is typically very distressing for the patient who will essentially be awake during the surgery.

Additionally, local anesthetic can also wear off during the procedure and the patient will start to feel uncomfortable and feel pain. As a result, the doctor will need to continuously administer more anesthetic during the entire surgery. However, since we use IV sedation, our patients don't ever have to deal with any of these problems and won't feel a thing.

In the case of single implant surgeries, we can also do IV sedation if it is requested.

Superior Materials

dental implant teethImplants are meant to last an entire lifetime and as a result, the type of materials used as well as the workmanship is extremely important and should be of the best quality. When implants are not well taken care of or are badly placed, then this can cause the implant to fail in a relatively short space of time. Additionally, implants of inferior materials also increase the chances of failure.

We at POMS Oral Surgery use the best material possible for our implants which is zirconia. With that said, research is still ongoing and there will potentially be even better materials in the future. So, in the future, we will likely use other materials as more research is done. However, no matter what changes there may be, we will always use the very best materials for our dental implants.

Giving You a Beautiful Smile

Raleigh Dental ImplantsMany oral surgeons who do dental implants also don't do restorations. Basically, all they typically do is install the dental implant without adding a crown or restoration. The implant is only the part that is placed under the gum in the jaw. However, if there is no restoration or crown, then the patient would only have a spike in the place of a tooth which is quite visually unappealing.

We don't do this since we strongly believe that all our patients should have a beautiful smile. So, when the implant is installed, Dr. Won then places a temporary crown or restoration. So, after waking up, all of our dental implant patients can have a natural and beautiful smile. These temporary restorations are meant to be used for 6 months and then after that time, a permanent implant can be installed.

It is possible for the temporary implants to be functional for more than 6 months. However, this is not recommended since they are not designed for the individual patient and his or her particular specifications.


Most people hate spending a lot of time at the dentist. As a result, Dr. Won places an emphasis on speed in addition to accuracy. He makes sure that he takes the least amount of time to professionally and accurately install all implants. By using the guides, he is able to complete each implant very quickly. Also, due to the fact that all patients are IV sedated, this ensures that no patient feels any pain and is only sedated for a short time.

Raleigh Dental Implants Advances

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